Sunday, December 27, 2015

Utah Non-Resident Concealed Carry License

Tomorrow I'll be attending a firearms class that will broaden the number of states I'll be able to legally carry while concealed.  Immortal Arms of Culpeper is giving the class.

The Virginia attorney general recently altered the reciprocacy agreements to where it negatively affects 26 other states.  They will not be able to carry concealed while in VA after 1 Feb 2016 (although open carry is an option).  5-6 of those states require VA reciprocacy, so those are immediately affected.  Two of those require you to be a permanent state citizen (ie, they don't accept non-resident applications)  The Utah non-resident license remedies all of the negativity of the reciprocacy changes -- all but the two that don't allow non-resident applicants.

Here's the deal.  This does not affect VA CC permit holders...not in VA, at least.  It does affect non-residents (visitors) who may want to carry concealed.  It will eventually affect VA CC permit holders that might want to visit NC (for example), as NC will more than likely deny reciprocacy with VA because of VA's recent changes.  It'll eventually affect most if not all of the 26 states that VA removed from it's reciprocacy program.  Most people are complaining and we're hoping that we can eventually reverse this decision, but it will take time.

Some options:

  • Get a Utah non-resident CC license
  • Get a VA non-resident CC license
  • Get a PA non-resident CC license
  • Get a NH non-resident CC license
  • Get a FL non-resident CC license

More reading on the issue is here.

Some people argue that one of those are better than the others.  IMO, there are no absolute answers.  It depends on what YOU want/need.  All of them have cons (they don't all cover the same states).  Some have more prerequisites than others (Utah requires a fee for the class, FL's license is far cheaper)  Pick which you think is best.  I opted for the Utah because it's well-known and when I found out about the changes, I was able to immediately find an instructor who could give me a class within a week of the bad news.  With the other state licenses, I'd have had to wait.  Utah worked best for my requirements (being able to quickly obtain it).  None of the above options will give back South Carolina, by the way.

For those of you who visit VA frequently, look at getting the VA non-resident CC license or carry openly when visiting.  IMO, that's the better way, unless you already have a license that will allow you to carry concealed after 1 Feb 2016.

GP P11 - Ready To Conceal Carry!

I finally found an inside waistband holster for my P11.  I cheated.  How?  I couldn't find any for the P11 anywhere and didn't feel like begging for any holster makers to make one for me.  I didn't feel like trying to make one myself, either.  I searched and found that many holsters for the P1 are available for sale.  The P1 is the next size up from the's the compact version of the Grand Power K-100, which is a full-sized handgun.  The P11 is the sub-compact version of the K-100.  They are identical, feature-wise.  The only differences are the length of the grips and the length of the slides.  So, I bought a P1 holster thinking that the P11 would fit inside without issue.  The holster was kydex, so it was important that the slides and features be pretty much identical, placement-wise.  I wasn't disappointed, as it was almost as if this holster was made for the P11.  The slide length of the P1 is 3.6" while the P11's slide is 3.3", so I had .3" extra between the tip of the handgun and the tip of the holster.

Some issues that I describe in the video is that the holster was molded with a P1 with it's slide safety disabled.  I'd thought the GP DA/SA handguns were designed to be carried cocked & locked (one in the chamber with the hammer cocked and safetied).  The guns are DA/SA without a decocker, so if an owner wants to carry his GP in DA mode, he/she will have to lower the hammer on a chambered round (ie, decocking manually).  This is not a trivial procedure and if done hastily or wrong, a round could be negligently discharged.  I've been practicing several different manual decocking techniques and will eventually be ready to carry with one in the chamber in DA mode, but for now, I'm enabling the safety and carrying cocked and locked.  While this causes a slight fitment issue with the kydex while the gun is holstered, it doesn't cause any safety just looks a tad bit odd, is all.

I'll eventually have to buy some extra 12-round magazines for the P11.  I've two right now, but I want several more so that I can practice at the range without having to stop and reload the two mags after they're empty.  They are not cheap but I will not buy cheap CZ mags to alter...I'd rather do this right and just buy the expensive mags.

This gun carries good in the kydex holster.  It feels lighter than my other holsters (Alien Gear IWB Cloak Tuck 3.0s) and it is certainly less complicated/busy.  It is easy to clip to my belt.  I can quickly get dressed, grab my gun, and install it on my belt while walking around the house.  I can't do that with my Alien Gear holsters.  The con is that I've to wear t-shirts under my shirts now, because the Kydex doesn't shield my body from the gun's rough edges (part of the slide, grip, and hammer sometimes dig into my side.  This might also be a good reason to start carrying in DA mode...the manual safety is protected, but that part of the gun is what is rubbing against my body, so I'm thinking that it would be safer to just have the gun in DA mode.

I bought the holster from Red Hill Tactical.  I've visited their site in the past but this is the first time I've actually bought something from them.  This holster vendor was recommended by the Grand Power forums.

New Grips For The P220 Equinox!

I asked for a few things for Christmas:

  • A Sig Sauer P220 cleaning mat
  • A set of black hex headed screws for my P220 Grips
  • A set of Hogue rubber grips.

I've installed the grips but not the black hex head screws:

The OEM grips look better, but the rubber grips feel better and will no doubt be better at the range.  The don't look bad, but don't look as good as the black stained wood grips.  They were simple to install.

I can't wait to take these to the range.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Recent Range Visit

Last night I visited Elite Shooting Sports to shoot my .22TCM MS 1911 and Metro Arms ACC .45ACP 1911.

First, I started out with the .22TCM 1911.  I was immediately accurate with it (well, accurate enough considering I'd not shot it since April 2015, I was shooting it pretty well):

From 7 yards
I then moved the target out and focused on the head:

From 10 yards

I then moved to the .45ACP and didn't fare as well.  The last time I fired this handgun was Feb 2015:

7 yards out

The recoil took me aback.  Now, when I first shot this gun, it felt great in my hands.  For some reason, it didn't feel great this time around, but this could be because I'd just shot the .22TCM 1911, which has VZ grips.  It could also be because I'm more used to 9mm now (this gun has substantial push/recoil, even with it being a beaver-tailed).  Here's more:

I stayed 7 yards out, since I was having issues putting lead onto the bulls-eye

I can't understand what I was doing wrong.  Yes, I'm aware of target analysis and what it means when I'm grouping to the lower left of the target.  I actually took my time with several magazines to ensure I was properly actuating the trigger, but I was still hitting lower left.  Although I was able to touch the bulls-eye, I wasn't able to do it consistently.  I couldn't hit the head of the target, either.

I was using TulAmmo and Winchester white box JHP.  The TulAmmo was inconsistent, power-wise, as I noticed that the slide moved slowly many times, so I switched to the Winchester and noticed less of that, but only shot maybe 25 rounds of it.  I still wasn't hitting where I wanted, but at least the slide was acting normally when the gun went BANG.  Another thing -- this gun does NOT like TulAmmo.  The ammo kept hanging on the feed ramp.  I didn't notice this when I first shot it back in February.  

Here are my range notes from February:
Half of the ammo was Remington UMC (green/white box).  47 of it was Perfecta FMJ.  I had 3 x FTEs with the black (original) mag.
This gun is FUN to fire!  The recoil is much less than the P220.  It is also very controllable, aim-wise -- I nailed the bulls-eye several times and the majority of my hits were toward the middle when compared to the groupings of the other guns I've fired.
Back to this range visit.  The Winchester JHP did fine, but TulAmmo is dirty as hell...the feed ramp was heavily covered in carbon.  I can polish the feed ramp but I won't.  I just won't shoot TulAmmo as defensive ammo...that's the best solution.  It's the ammo, not the gun, and since this is practice ammo, it's all good.

Very odd failure to extract situation here...I had to drop the mag to clear it (it wouldn't rack back).  

I had several FTEs in Feb that I attributed to a possible mag issue.  I think that was a wrong assessment, since the mag would have nothing to do with any problems after the round has been fired.  I also had several FTEs with this range visit (2-3).  All of it was with the TulAmmo.  None of the Winchester FTE'd.  A friend suggested I was limp-wristing.  I don't think I've ever limp-wristed a big caliber handgun before...I don't think it's happening now, either, but I'm not sure how to test for that, but like I said, none of the other ammo failed to extract.  I'm going to attribute this to the the TulAmmo.

Lesson learned - don't shoot TulAmmo from this gun!

Notice in my notes that I had no issues controlling the gun, I was able to nail the bulls-eye several times, and most of the rounds were hitting toward the middle.  What has changed?  The ammo?  My perceptions on this gun's recoil?  I'll admit, when I first pulled the trigger, the recoil caught me off-guard (I'm used to firing 9mm).  It could've ruined the rest of my session with this gun.  Should I keep practicing with it?  I'm not planning to carry any of my .45ACP handguns, so it's not essential that I train with this particular gun.  It's a range gun, for now, but it does bug me that I can't put lead on target with this gun like I can with my other handguns.  I just might change the grips, though (to a set of VZ grips).

And then, when I went back to my .22TCM, I found that I couldn't hit anywhere near where I was aiming, when I had such a good session with it at the beginning of the range session.  I fired 25 rounds before deciding to quit for the night...I left the range in a bit of a fog.  I'm not sure why my aim was so jacked up after switching up guns...maybe I was slapping the trigger or maybe I the gun wasn't properly centered in my hands...I don't know.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sister's Birthday / P320SC Holster Fitment

My sister's birthday is today.  She's 40 years old.  I got tired of trying to guess what she wanted and asked her to tell me if she needed/wanted anything.  She said she wanted ammo.

She has a Walther PPK/S .380ACP.  She has a North Carolina concealed handgun permit and carries as much as she can (she's also a federal employee, so she can't carry anywhere near work...she can't even leave her weapon in her car while on work property).

I bought her 200 rounds of Winchester Personal Protection JHP ammo.  It's JHP ammo that is designed for defense (it is not range ammo).  I told her to ensue that she shoots 25 or so rounds to ensure the gun can fire the ammo without feed or extraction issues.

When speaking on the phone with her, she also stated she'd been watching my Facebook posts and had gotten herself an Alien Gear IWB holster (the Cloak Tuck 2.0).  I was very surprised, as I thought she was carrying in her purse.  She asked for belt suggestions.  I told her to go back to where she bought her gun (in Fayetteville) and ask them if she could try her 1.25" belts (she shouldn't need anything bigger for the PPK/S).  I told her that a good strong belt is essential but she's already been wearing the holster and says it's extremely comfortable for her.

On a different note, I saw someone on the forums complaining about their P320 Subcompact's round trigger guard and the fact that the grip module assembly might not fit in other holsters designed for other sizes of P320 handguns. Well, I've a P320 Compact shell for my Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB holster. I've the P320 Compact and have the parts to convert it to SC. I converted it and tested fitment in the aforementioned fits without issue, probably because I'm using the Compact slide with the Subcompact grip module assembly. In that configuration, the slide dictates fitment more than the SC's trigger guard. That's a good thing, since I didn't want any more holsters/shells. UPDATE:

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Grand Power P11 - Battery Issues Possibly Resolved

I field-stripped the P11 immediately after a range visit.  If you remember, I described a problem with the gun awhile back.

I'll take it to the range again with grease applied to areas that didn't have it prior to my last visit.  To summarize the video, I fired a bit under 300 rounds of various 9mm ammo from it and only had two failures to return to battery.  Both failures were with Remington UMC 147-grain flat-nosed FMJ.  I had no failures with TulAmmo steel-cased or Winchester PP JHP.

And, as usual, the gun was not the least bit accurate (my trigger discipline aside):

GP P11 - 9 yards out (instead of my normal 7 yards), 24 rounds (2 mags) of Remington UMC flat-nosed 147-grain FMJ

I also spoke awhile back about the lack of a holster for this gun.  Someone who viewed one of my videos gave me a point of contact that could make one.  I was thinking on trying to make one myself.  Either route would be good, I think.  I just need it to be an in-waistband holster.  Once I have that and once I get the battery issues resolved, I may consider carrying this gun.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Colion Nior: LA Times Update - Suspects' weapons were legally purchased

Check this out:

According to the LA Times: Suspects' weapons were legally purchased. Police said the two suspects were armed with two...
Posted by Mr. Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir) on Thursday, December 3, 2015


If they got them legally, it's probably a given that they weren't on the terrorist watch list, which is ironic, because Obama mentioned that a law is needed that prevents gun purchases for people on the watch list. It will fail if radicals such as these two are not on the watch list.

WTH kinda of buggery is this double-talk of theirs??

CNN Sources: San Bernardino Shooter Was Radicalized; Communicated With More Than One International Terror Suspect

A snippet:
San Bernardino shooter Syred Farook was apparently radicalized and in touch with more than one international terrorism suspects, according to law enforcement sources cited by CNN.
Farook reportedly communicated with overseas terror suspect over the phone and using social media.
The network also reported that Farook traveled to Saudi Arabia at least twice prior to Wednesday’s shooting that left 14 people dead and at least 17 injured. During one of those trips, Farook reportedly brought home Tashfeen Malik, his wife and parter [sic] in crime, on a “fiance visa.”
My comments:

They're going to have a difficult time convincing the nation that this was a workplace-related. This wasn't your run-of-the-mill active shooting. And all those gun-related laws that CA has didn't stop or slow down this group. And the topic of creating laws to stop people on the terror watch list from purchasing you actually NEED a law for that?  And would that have stopped this group? They'd have had to have been on the watch list...I don't believe they were on that list (they might be scribbled in, though).

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Colorado Mass Shooter, Obama Speaks Out Before Facts Are Known

I saw this posted on Facebook yesterday:

"The last thing Americans should have to do, over the holidays or any day, is comfort the families of people killed by...
Posted by The White House on Saturday, November 28, 2015

My response is:

Here we go again with trying to make a whole population feel guilty for someone that's either crazy or doesn't care about rules. True to form, Obama didn't even wait for the bodies to stiffen before rushing to the podium. What's wild is that he admitted that they don't yet know the motives of the shooter. If you don't yet know the important facts, why make a statement?
Do any of you feel guilty when a murder is committed and a gun WASN'T the murder weapon? Probably not. Why is this any different? Because a gun was used? It's not the gun that's the's the fact that people keep using the media as a tool to final fame in their end game. Also, this game of "its so commonplace that we've become numb to it" is ridiculous. Whenever I see something like this, I just shake my head, but I'm not going to give up my right because some fool murdered someone. That's why people who commit murders are tried in courts of law...they try the assailants, as they committed the crime. Not me or other law-abiding gun owners, but he assailants.
I'm not buying the excuse that it happens a lot, especially when the media hypes things up.
Tightening gun control will NOT help...if anyone can point to a place in the US (NOT any place OCONUS) that has seen a decline in murders because of tight gun control, share the data.
The bottom line is, I refuse to pay any price for someone who wants to go out with a large body count. Why should I feel guilty or wrong for a crime I did not commit? I refuse to be even remotely responsible for this act. Some dude killing several people and me using my guns for sport and self defense...two VERY different things. Again, why should I be morally responsible for a nut going on a killing spree?
I'm going to leave this here: Obama is really pushing for the Syrian refugees to be allowed in this country...he doesn't see a problem and has stated that these refugees are not terrorist, but he's pointing blame of hysteria to a certain group of Americans. Well, he's right...not every muslim is a terrorist, JUST LIKE EVERY GUN OWNER IS NOT A CRIMINAL. He's giving leeway to the refugees by refusing to believe that terrorists might slip into America, but he's believing that every gun owner is responsible for the relatively few nutjobs that commit murder. That doesn't make sense. The difference is that he wants to control one situation (guns in the US) but not another (refugees that might be criminals). He ignores that they might be criminals in the refugee ranks but won't acknowledge that there are criminals in the gun owner ranks. He really doesn't have control of either group of people, because criminals will be criminals. Again, it doesn't make sense.
 On a slight tangent, I saw someone state that using social media as a debating tool doesn't help a cause.  Actually, for people that are on the fence about political matters, it just might help to open a dialogue with them.  Many times, such discussion spills over into real life discussions (example, you visit a relative that might support tighter gun restrictions and he'd read your view on the 2nd Amendment).   As well, many of my FB posts are copied to either my Google account or my blogs.  Blogs are definitely powerful as a social media tool.  Also, sometimes I make videos to spur discussion.  Really...if politicians use FB or any other social medium, regular folk can too.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Looking for a good home defense long gun?

Looking for a good home defense long gun?  Some people swear by shotguns but a carbine can also be a good option.  Specifically an AR-15 variant (M4).

I was looking at a CETME-type gun earlier in the year, but I didn't want to worry about quality and those aren't exactly light guns (they're certainly not carbines, either).  What I'm looking for is something like this:
Bushmaster CM15
You can get an instant quote at that site and the quote is going to depend on your location, meaning the price is going to vary between locations.  I can get that gun for between $530 and $640.  That's for a 5.56mm/.223 long gun!  With a Red Dot sight.

More stats:

I don't think I'll be able to get this before the sale date ends (11/30).  I can always wait until the next sale.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Media's Latest Attack On Freedom - NRA News

Good stuff here:

"This isn't Minority Report. We don't arbitrarily strip American citizens of their rights based on crimes they haven't committed and a list they're not aware of. If someone is seriously that much of a threat, arrest them and charge them with some shit.
When a person they're monitoring shows up to buy a gun and the gun store runs a background check, the authorities know about it immediately. At that point, they either tell the gun store owner to allow the sale, or they block it. This is how it's supposed to work.
Which is why the pathetic attempt to demonize the NRA isn't coming from the CIA, the FBI, the NSA or any other intelligence or law enforcement group … it's coming from the most powerful anti-gun organization on the planet: the mainstream media."

Glock 17 22TCM 9R Conversion Kit

Was perusing the web and bumped into this:

It's a Glock 17 conversion that allows the firing of the 22TCM round. This conversion works well with full-length handguns, as the extra barrel length gives more "ooomph" to the round. I've heard they're making a Glock 19 conversion, too. And they lightened that slide bigtime.

The two cons are:

  1. It'll take a paper clip to get the spring and guide rod back into place after field-stripping the gun.
  2. These conversions don't work with Gen 4 Glocks.  They only work with Gen 3s (I'm not sure if they'll work on Gen 2s and below, either).

The conversion is expensive ($400+ for the slide, guide rod and spring).  If you don't already have a Gen 3 Glock 17, then you'll have to spend money on that, too.  When the fat lady has sung, it'll be a $700+ for the conversion and the handgun.  If you already have a Glock 17, then you're halfway there!

And the 22TCM 9R round will fit in Glock mags (they're shorter than the standard 22TCM round).

I'm definitely intrigued.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Converting my P320 Compact

I ordered a sub-compact grip module for my Sig Sauer P320 Compact handgun.

I couldn't find ANY place that had the medium sub-compact grip modules in stock, though, so I settled for the small module. The main difference between the two is that the grip is a tad smaller (in girth and thickness) on the small grip module assembly, and the medium has an accessory rail while the small does not.

 I also ordered 2 sub-compact magazines (12 round capacity). I can use the mags that came with my Compact but they'd stick out a bit and be more difficult to conceal. Sig Sauer also sells mag sleeves for the Compact mags so that they can more easily be used with the sub-compact frame, but that wouldn't help with the length of the mags and kind of defeats the purpose of going down a size (if the grip will print easily, it's counter-productive).

 I also will have to contact Alien Gear to see if I can swap my SP2022 holster shell for a P320 Sub-compact shell. The P320 Compact shell I have will not fit the P320 Sub-compact.

The grip module is plain black. I'd thought of getting OD green or FDE but I couldn't find any in stock. I can always paint the grip module if I desire a different color.

I'll be using the Compact slide on the small Sub-compact grip module. It's been verified that this type of modification will work without issue. I don't want to have to buy the Sub-compact slide when the Compact will work fine.

I've been itching to buy a new gun but this is the next best thing...can't beat converting a gun!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Well Regulated Militia

I've been having a lot of internet debates on 2A lately, as I've taken it upon myself to better defend the stance of the NRA and 2A supporters.

One of the things anti-gunners tend to rant about is the wording of the 2nd Amendment where it states "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

The key focus of many antis is the wording of "a well regulated militia".  Well, Penn and Teller break it down as I've stated in the past, but deliver the message in a way that I never could.  Here it is:

'Nuff said!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Virginia House Republican Leaders on Executive Order 50

VA House Republicans on VA governor Terry McAuliffe's recent executive order:

RICHMOND, VA – Virginia House of Delegates Republican leaders responded Thursday to Executive Order 50, released by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. The Governor's Executive Order can be found here.

“For years, we have consistently said the best way to keep Virginians safe is to enforce existing law,” said House Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford). “We will monitor the work of the task force. The Governor’s policy on firearms in state buildings will not apply to the State Capitol or the General Assembly Building. Most importantly, the House of Delegates will continue to focus on investing in mental and behavioral health care improvements that will have a meaningful impact on individual lives and our communities as a whole.”

“It is curious that the Governor and Attorney General are putting such special emphasis on enforcing Virginia’s gun laws when they have been so eager to ignore other laws in the past,” said House Majority Leader Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights).  “We are confident that our local law enforcement officers and Commonwealth’s Attorneys are enforcing all of Virginia’s laws to their full extent. The Governor and Attorney General should take extra care before interfering with their work.”

“The Governor’s decision to prohibit firearms in state buildings is shortsighted. As we have seen again and again, such policies leave law-abiding citizens vulnerable to acts of senseless violence rather than protecting people from such tragedies," said House Deputy Majority Leader Todd Gilbert (R-Shenandoah). “We will review this policy during the 2016 legislative session and take the appropriate action to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens.” 
I don't understand how this is supposed to stop bad guys when current laws aren't stopping them.  House majority leader Cox has it right...enforce the current gun laws before adding more.

Monday, October 12, 2015

9 Things You Should Never Do While Carrying Concealed

Armed self-defense can be a lifesaver- except when silly mistakes get in the way of responsible carry.
Some people might think that just carrying a concealed handgun is enough to protect themselves and the community. And that’s partly true- it’s a step in the right direction. But there are some things that should just never be done. Here are 9 of them.
 This is a good read.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Gadsen Guns & VCDL

Gadsen Guns is a gun shop that I was made aware of by the VCDL (Virginia Citizen Defense League) Facebook page.  They're not local to me (but they'aren't all that far away, either, being between Fredericksburg and Richmond), but their website has competitive pricing relative to the local gun shops around here.

There's an additional bonus:  there are some pretty good articles within their blog.

On a small tangent, if you're a Virginia gun owner and value your right to own and bear arms, joining the VCDL will definitely benefit you.  The Virginia Citizen Defense League is:
...a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization dedicated to advancing the fundamental human right of all Virginians to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article I Section 13 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
I became a member a few months ago, as I tired of seeing the 2nd Amendment under attack.  This is my way of contributing to the defense of the 2nd Amendment.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Further Discussion of Roanoke Reporter Shooting

Last week, I posted about the Roanoke shooting where a disgruntled ex-employee of station WDBJ killed two ex-coworkers.

I want to explain again that this incident was tragic.  The shooter apparently was delusional and probably needed mental help.  WDBJ had issues with the Flanagan when he worked for them.  He was one of the types of employees that give employers and fellow employees headaches with HR complaints due to narcissistic behavior.  Even when WDBJ terminated his employment, he had to be escorted out of the building by law enforcement and the room had to be cleared so that there would be no confrontation with the employees while he cleared his desk.  He had issues and his employment with WDBJ didn't help at all.

Many people have been making this into a gun issue.  The government will never be able to predict if people will mentally snap (or not).  Penalizing people because it *might* happen is stupid.  Penalizing a whole population because a small percentage lose their minds is stupid.  Adding additional laws when the current ones don't stop such tragic events is stupid.  Each mass murder or active shooter incident needs to be analyzed scientifically (not emotionally), as each shooter/killer has different motives and none of them represent the population that legally carries.  Case in point, when Flanagan was being escorted off of WDBJ property by LEOs, and if he'd obtained a concealed carry license, they would almost certainly have been in a much higher state of alert after seeing how belligerent he was.

So far, we know the following:

  • He obtained the weapon via legal means -- a bought a gun after passing a background check and the check didn't flag him as someone that shouldn't own a gun.  He didn't obtain the gun via any anti-2A declared loopholes.  This isn't really the norm for a bad guy.
  • He had a narcissism issue (which Laurence Hammack highlights here).
  • He claimed he killed the victims because they made racist statements and because of the recent Charleston, SC church killings.

The first bullet is an exceptional finding, as Virginia anti-2A groups and even the VA governor himself stated that they were going to use this killing as a means to further restrict gun ownership.  In a land of millions of gun owners, there's no exception to someone wigging out?  More people drown in pools than people who commit mass murder in a given year.  More people die by car accidents than when getting shot by a firearm.  Just as many people swim or drive on a daily basis and many more die because of it, yet there's no uproar over driving or swimming.  But in the end, Flanagan didn't use any loopholes to get his gun.  He didn't steal it.  He didn't buy it at a gun show or via private means.  He bought it from the state- and federally-regulated method: via FFL.  He had no felonies or any history of domestic violence, so his background check came back clean.  The system worked as designed.  Did he have mental issues?   Almost certainly, but he hadn't yet committed any crimes.

The latter two bullets were personal issues that no one can control, although I fully believe that WDBJ had a responsibility to report or file a complain against Flanagan's past aggression...that may have given the background check a chance to work, and may have prevented him from being able to purchase a gun.  Then again, if a background check prevented his purchase, he may have just used another tool as a murder weapon.

A guy was shot by LEOs in NYC this year because he was attempting to hit people in the head with a hammer while walking down a busy street.  They saw him and confronted him, he tried to kill an officer, and he was shot dead.  People die by aggressive acts all the time, but guns only get the scrutiny.  Some people use tools other than guns.  Some have run people over, purposely.  Some have poisoned their victims.  Some used airplanes (WTC and Pentagon attacks).  Some used chemically-made explosives using non-banned ingredients (McVeigh).  None of those tools have faced scrutiny and made to be regulated or illegal.  They're tools that were abused by deranged people.

Maybe we need to start focusing on our apparent problem with mentally unstable people?  Make obtaining help a more available option, or notify people that when they see overly aggressive people to report them to law enforcement so that there's a record of the issue.

I firmly believe that to remove from citizens the option of protecting themselves via firearms is a dangerous means of trying to keep bad people from causing harm.  If you've a wolf problem, is removing the guard dogs the solution?  What do you think happens when the guard dogs are removed?

You want to beat the criminal?  Make laws that stop the criminal and not the good guys.  Another thing:  if you want to catch a criminal, you've to think like them...the intelligence community has a saying:  "know your enemy".  If you know them, you can exploit their weaknesses,or predict their next move(s), or at very least not play into their strengths.  Removing guns from average citizens plays into their strengths, because less guns for the good guys means more power for the bad guys.

Apparently, it was found that there were 2000+ instances where background checks stopped people from buying guns last year.  2,661 examples, to be exact.  The actual comment:
About 405,000 checks were made last year, and 2,661 attempted purchases were denied, according to the Virginia State Police, which runs the program.
That's 2000+ examples of the checks working properly, yet you don't see the anti-2A people focusing on that.  2000+ examples of background checks a single year.  That's very significant, in my opinion.  What we need to do is focus on the laws that work and ensure they keep working (or enhance them to work even better, if possible) and kill bad laws that only hurt legal gun owners.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Roanoke Shooting - 2 Reporters Dead, Interview Person Wounded, Suspect Dead

I'm sure most of you are already aware of what happened in Western VA today (Roanoke).

A disguntled ex-employee of WDBJ by the name of Bryce Williams (also known as Vester Lee Flanagan) killed two former co-workers and also shot and wounded a person who was being interviewed at the time of the shooting.  The shooter also used a GoPro action camera to record the shooting.  The shooter, after a long attempt at escape and after uploading the footage for the public to see, shot himself in a suicide attempt hours from Roanoke, off of I-66 in Faquier county.  He was flown to the INova care center in Fairfax where he died.

This guy was a pure nut.  He was a gay Black man that appeared to have a chip on his shoulder, to the point where WDBJ terminated his employment.  He was so belligerent that the room had to be cleared of employees while he cleared his desk and was escorted off the site with a police escort.  His excuse for the killings was explained in his manifesto:  the recent Charleston SC killings and the fact that at least one of the people he shot had apparently made racist remarks toward him.  In fact, the bullets that he used to kill his victims apparently had their names written on the bullets.  He also idolized several well-known deceased active shooters (Seung-Hui Cho of the Virginia Tech murders and the Columbine school killers).

The Left wasted no time in condemning the attack but also blaming background check 'loopholes' and lax gun laws.  The VA governor (McAuliffe) assumed that the shooter obtained his gun via private sale, which doesn't require background checks (which they think is a loophole in the law).

Well, it has been discovered (by ATF) that the shooter obtained his handgun, a Glock 19, via normal means -- FFL.  This means he submitted and passed a background check as most VA citizens have when buying through local gun stores.

This should take the wind out of the Left's sails, as the shooter followed the process of the law in obtaining his weapon.  Granted, he still killed two people, but there is no way to close any loopholes because no loopholes were exploited when he obtained his handgun.

The following is from VCDL's (Virginia Citizen Defense League) VA-ALERT notification system:

This comes as no surprise to me, yet another killer passed his background check. BATFE has confirmed to ABC News that Bryce Williams had indeed purchased his gun “legally" from a dealer and passed a background check!
So, Governor McAuliffe, what was that you said this morning on your soapbox about how Virginia needs background checks for gun purchases?
Oh, and Delegate Patrick Hope - you already started an online petition to push for more background checks - what made you think that Mr. Williams had not passed a background check, just like Cho and virtually all the other mass shooters?
Here’s the story - thanks to member Walter Jackson for the link:
ATF Confirms Virginia Gunman Vester Flanagan Bought His Firearm 'Legally' - Breitbart
by AWR Hawkins26 Aug 2015
The gun was a Glock 19 9mm.
According to ABC News, Faison said Flanagan bough the gun “legally.” And BuzzFeed reports that Faison said the ATF had recovered the weapon today. 
News that Flanagan bought his gun at a store squares with what Flanagan wrote in his manifesto, where he indicated that he “put down a deposit for a gun on 6/19/15.” That was two days after the heinous attack on the church-goers in Charleston, and The Telegraph reports that Flanagan said that very attack pushed him over the edge. 
Confirmation that Flanagan passed a background check means he joins numerous other attackers and alleged attackers who have passed background checks for their guns. These include John Russell Houser  (Lafayette), Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez (Chattanooga), Dylann Roof (Charleston), Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi (Garland), Jared and Amanda Miller (Las Vegas), Elliot Rodger (Santa Barabara), Ivan Lopez (Fort Hood 2014), Darion Marcus Aguilar (Maryland mall), Karl Halverson Pierson (Arapahoe High School), Paul Ciancia (LAX), Andrew John Engeldinger (Minneapolis), Aaron Alexis (DC Navy Yard), Tennis Melvin Maynard (West Virginia), Wade Michael Page (Sikh Temple), James Holmes (Aurora theater), Jared Loughner (Tucson), Nidal Hasan (Fort Hood 2009), Jiverly Wong (Binghamton), Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech), Naveed Haq (Seattle), and Mark Barton (Atlanta). 
The fact that Flanagan passed a background also calls into question Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s (D) call for background check legislation earlier today. He called for that legislation while the police pursuit of Flanagan was still underway.
VA-ALERT is a project of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.
(VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization
dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to
Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.
VCDL web page: []

Monday, August 24, 2015

Condition 1 Carry VS the "Israeli Method"

Auto-pistols can be carried in various conditions of readiness. First defined by the legendary  Lt Col John Dean “Jeff” Cooper these conditions are commonly accepted to be:
  • Condition 0 – A round is in the chamber, hammer cocked, and the safety is off.
  • Condition 1 – known as “cocked and locked”, means a round is in the chamber, the hammer cocked, and the manual thumb safety on the side of the frame is applied.
  • Condition 2 – A round is in the chamber and the hammer is down.
  • Condition 3 – The chamber is empty and hammer down with a charged magazine in the gun.
  • Condition 4 – The chamber is empty, hammer down and no magazine is in the gun.
These conditions are/were designed with a 1911 style pistol in mind. The Glock with no external safety (but with its “safe action” safety measures) technically cant have the thumb safety applied so it’s condition when loaded and chambered is a matter of debate amongst handgun afficinados but it’s commonly accepted that a Glock is in “Condition 1” when loaded with a round in the chamber.
More @

Another page on the subject is @ and it elaborates on the different conditions.

In which condition do you carry and why?

Man Dies Attempting Appendix Carry Reholster - Bearing Arms

A 22-year-old Milwaukee man accidentally shot himself in the femoral artery around 11:00 PM Friday evening while attempting to reholster a pistol. Despite the best efforts of the local hospital trauma units, Timothy Phonisay did not survive his wounds.

This is a reminder to not be complacent when you're handling firearms, no matter how tacticool you think you are.

Some things to ponder, after reading about the incident at Bearing Arms and Concealed Nation:

1.  Many are assuming that the deceased had his finger on the trigger.  If you read the article, it doesn't state that he was at fault for that.  Regardless, we know that guns do not go off by themselves (although there's the potential if the gun is dropped)...he either had his finger on the trigger or something snagged the trigger.

2.  The assumption is that, due to wound placement, he was carrying appendix style.  That assumption is highly likely.  Do you really need to carry at your appendix?  Some people think that appendix carry is their only option due to body type (tall, lanky, skinny).  I'd rather print with hip carry than chance a femoral artery gunshot wound.  That's just my opinion, though.

3.  I saw a lot of berating of the deceased.  Many are calling him "dumb".  We don't have enough facts to make such judgments.  Besides that, you'd think the firearms community would show a bit of sympathy, because this could be any one of us, experienced or newly initiated.  We're supposed to be comrades, no?

4.  The deceased was apparently taking selfies of himself with his gun.  Maybe he was so intent on getting a good picture that he wasn't paying attention to safety.  The lesson here would be to not fragment your attention when handling a gun.

5.  The article states that he was using a Springfield.  The author noted that he more than likely had an XD, but I don't understand how that assumption was made.  Yes, XDs are popular, but I don't think they're so popular that there's, for example, an 80% chance of a Springfield owner owning an XD.

6.  The article states that he was bleeding heavily from his lungs.  Conspiracy theorists are already getting uptight.  While I'm no doctor, they did state that there were only two areas of injury (I'm assuming it was an entrance and exit wound), in the groin area.  I'm not sure why the article mentioned the blood in his lungs.

7.  Some are using this tragic happening as a reason to carry in condition 3 (mag in the gun but no round chambered).  I'm not sure this is a strong argument, as guns don't go off by themselves...he either accidentally actuated the trigger or something snagged the trigger while he was trying to holster the gun.

8.  Lastly, if the deceased had holstered SLOWLY, and only after checking around the holster for anything that could snag the trigger, he might still be alive.  As well, if the guy's weapon was an XD, those guns have grip safeties...most people don't realize that when you're gripping the gun (properly), you've disabled the grip saftety, which allows the trigger to be actuated.  Holstering such guns with the maximum amount of safety would mean that you'd have to holster the gun without grabbing the grip and disabling the grip safety.  The same applies to 1911s (in case he was carrying a Springfield 1911 when the mishap occurred).

This guy's life was tragically ended.  It reminds me to always have the utmost of respect for these weapons and to train with them so that certain actions become doesn't hurt to slow down to evaluate what you're doing in your routine -- those are the times you might be doing something wrong or dangerous, but you don't know it because you've become compacent.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Extra Ammo and Supplies Ordered

Ordered some heavier grain ammo from Gander Mountain, Remington HTP 147-grain JHP.

I also bought more of the Remington HTP 115-grain +P JHP ammo that I shot earlier this week.

Both are listed as home defense ammo, so I think I'll use them in that manner (will have to test the 147-grain ammo, though).

I also ordered 10 9mm-sized snap caps and 10 .45ACP-sized snap caps, from ST Action Pro.  I already have a few snap caps (5 x A-Zooms and 5 x Tiptons...they were expensive for 5 packs).  These were much cheaper @ between .95 and .98 apiece, so I ordered 10 of each caliber.

I also ordered a cheap Trinity Force rail-mount laser sight from Anthony Industries, for $30.  I'm not sure if this will crap out on me since it's cheap, but I want a laser sight so I can practice dry fire (to monitor my trigger pulls and try to keep them steady).  I didn't feel like spending a large sum of money to use a laser in such a manner.  I've a cheap light as well and that hasn't crapped out yet, so maybe this one will be OK.

Sig’s Plain Vanilla P250: Big Name, Small Price -- USCCA Blog

SIG Sauer P250 Subcompact

You see people all the time that hate on SIG's P250 SAO handgun.  They buy the gun without doing research and find that it's DA only, speak bad about the trigger, and sell it while giving a bad opinion of the gun at every opportunity.

I've also seen people thinking this gun is very similar to the P320.  They are similar but different enough to have different nomenclatures.  They share the same frame and are modular guns, but other than that, they're different and are catering to different markets.

Pricing is one thing the article doesn't address.  Why?  Think about it for a second:  Looking at SIG's website for the P250, there are 3 MSRP prices per model (full size, compact, sub-compact). That's 9 different prices. And then, there's 4 different calibers being sold...that's the potential for 36 different prices. There's also a threaded barrel version that I didn't even factor in. That's probably why they didn't include the price in the article.

You can find P250s for well under $400 new.  I did a quick check via and the cheapest I saw a P250 being sold was at $360...very rarely you'll see a P320 being sold new for under $400 -- the cheapest I saw one on Gunwatcher was at $399.

Excerpt 1:
The P250 is also fully ambidextrous. This is important to the left-handed shooter but also to those wishing to be able to manipulate the pistol with either hand.
Excerpt 2:
The test pistol turned in a smooth trigger break of 6 pounds with modest backlash and no noticeable creep. There is no manual safety, only safety features, including the long trigger action and a positive firing pin block or “drop safety.”
Now, most people frown upon DAO.  I don't know why, because if you master DAO in semiautomatic, you're going to be shooting extremely well if you rotate to an SA or DA/SA gun.  Once you master DAO, you'll be a rock star if you go to an SA or DA/SA gun.  Some police departments used the P250.  From my understanding, the trigger is exceptionally smooth.  There are also tricks to learning DAO (some people stage the trigger by pulling halfway through the trigger pull, which helps in aiming for some).

If I had the room, I'd get a P250 just to say I have one.  I may even practice with it diligently in the attempt to improve aiming and pulling the trigger, in the hopes that it will improve my gun handling overall.

"The double-action-only polymer frame handgun isn’t something I usually find exciting, but the SIG Sauer P250 has earned...
Posted by Official U.S. Concealed Carry Association Page - USCCA on Thursday, August 13, 2015

Self Defense Tip: Avoid Carry Gun Rotation -- The Truth About Guns

I thought this was an interesting read.  It certainly is on-point about how "repetitions are how we become accomplished at any given skill," and that "when you switch to a new gun, there is an inherent re-learning process."

An excerpt:

Can a good shooter bounce between platforms and still perform reasonably well? Yes. However, any experienced shooter knows that you will shoot substantially better with a platform that you have been consistently training with. A handgun is a defensive tool, not a fashion statement. You don’t need to change your handgun like you change your shoes to match different outfits.
The author also accounts for differences in manual of arms between a's fine if you've trained for this in a self defense scenario (not just casual shooting when you visit a range).  For example, some weapons have safeties, some do not.  Some are DA/SA and some are not.  You've to gain proficiency in those manuals of arms while accounting for the differences.  If you do not, you're putting yourself in danger if you're used to a particular gun that doesn't have a safety and you're carrying your Tuesday rotation, a gun that has a end up in a self defense scenario and a bad guy is upon draw your weapon and attempt to fire but the gun's safety is still actuated!

I recommend this as good reading material, is it definitely contains common sense logic.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Range Visit - XD Mod 2 & Grand Power P11

I spent an hour at the range last night and shot 130 rounds out of my XD and 60 rounds out of the Grand Power.

It felt so good to not divide my attention between more than 2 guns, although I did want to shoot one of the 1911s.

I started with the XD first and immediately put 9 of 10 rounds in a close grouping.

7 yards out, using Remington UMC 115-grain JHP

The thing about the Mod 2 is that it shoots extremely well for a subcompact 9mm, as the sight radius of such guns is very small.  This gun still has a small sight radius, but the recoil and snappiness is somewhat negated by the Grip Zone texturing of the grips.  The front fiber optic helps, especially since I've problems focusing on the front sight (I wear corrective lenses).

As I shot five different targets, my groupings got progressively worse.  I'm pretty sure it was due to incorrect finger placement on the trigger and not being smooth on the trigger, as I began to impact left of aim.  Still, it was fun to challenge myself.

I also fired the XD better with the shorter magazine (vs. using the longer magazine that has the mag sleeve).  Don't ask me why that was the case.

The Grand Power was acting wonky.  It didn't jam or fail to extract, but it may've been failing to feed due to a dirty feed ram, as the gun was failing to fully go into battery after expending and ejecting a round.  It was an intermittent issue, though, because it didn't happen every magazine bu when it did, it was almost back-to-back failures to return to battery.

The weapon was clean when I brought it to the range.  The ammo I was shooting must've been extremely dirty to cause issues between 1 and 60 fact, the gun was extremely dirty after that range visit...more than I expected for 60 rounds.  The gun was lubed, and I made sure the pivot point on the rotating barrel had lubrication.

I don't think it was the mags that were the issue.  When I racked the gun slowly, I didn't notice any binding.  The only thing I can think of is that the feed ramp got dirty quickly and was hampering the feeding of the next round, which would keep the slide from fully going forward.

Possible causes:
  • Ammo that doesn't have enough powder.
  • Dirty ammo that gets the feed ramp really dirty.
  • Limp wristing (I highly doubt that's what happened, but I list it anyways, just in case I AM limp wristing).
  • Feed ramp doesn't like hollow point ammo.
  • Feed ramp needs to be broken in (I doubt this, but read that someone had an issue with a ramp being too polished).
UPDATE:  Well...look at this  -->  This looks similar to my bullet list above...looks like I am on the right track.  How does this relate to my P11?  Well, the small Beretta PX4 Storms have rotating barrels as well.  It seems that these type guns might not like lighter ammo and might be prone to limp-wristing as well.

Of the two guns, I fired the XD better.  That wasn't the case the last time I took the P11 to the range.  Blame the failures to go into battery.

I did not get any video footage, as my camera wasn't charged before I left for the range.

I fired 100 rounds of Remington UMC 115-grain JHP, 20 rounds of Remington UMC 115-grain FMJ, and 10 rounds of Remington HTP 115-grain +P.

I'm looking forward to the next range visit so I can put more rounds through the XD and become more proficient with it.  I'm not quite looking forward to re-experiencing issues with the P11, though.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Got a Rock Island Armory 1911 and Hate Using Paper Clips?

If you hate using a paper clip to break down your bull-barreled Rock Island Armory 1911, then this video might be of assistance to you.

My 9mm Tactical II (non-railed 9mm 1911) is bull-barreled and requires a paper clip when field stripping the gun (per the operator manual).  My 22TCM Ultra does not, and it comes with a 9mm barrel (not a bull barrel, though).

I've not tried the method in the video yet, but using the paper clip isn't a huge deal for me.

Friday, August 7, 2015

CETME (G3) Long Gun?

Someone posted on a Facebook group a new acquisition of his:  a CETME .308 made by Century Arms International.  Apparently, it's essentially an HK G3 (the HK G3 is actually a clone of the original Spanish-made CETME .308 rifle).

This is news to me, as I thought these guns were expensive, yet CAI-made versions can be had for around $600-800.  Original Spanish-made CETME .308s apparently can't accept full-power NATO .308 rounds, but CAI versions can.

I just might add this rifle to my wish list.  I'd want one with wooden furniture and several mags (although I might be able to get decently priced mags from CAI).  A rail and/or scope might be nice, as well, but I'd be just as happy without either of those.  I'd have to research ammo prices for 7.62 x 51 NATO and research YouTube videos for any potential issues/gotchas.

This is the first long gun I've been thoroughly attracted to (minus an M4).

Beautiful wood on this CETME!

Check out the collapsible stock!


A quick check shows that I can get 240 rounds of 146-grain 7.62 x 51 for $139 from J&G.

20-round mags can also be had for less than $7 (!!)

This example of CETME looks like a good purchase candidate!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 - Durability Issue

I posted about my Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 purchase back on April 3rd.

Well, four months and a few days later, I've noticed that the inner plastic lining has cracked and is making some noise when it flexes. After only four months of occasional wear (I do not carry daily, but maybe 4 out of 7 days in the week). I bought two of them, each with a different shell, but I only use the one I bought for my Springfield. I supposed if it really bugs me, I can swap the XD shell to the non-cracked holster, but that's just robbing Peter to pay Paul.

I should contact Alien Gear to see if they can replace the liner with their new steel material. Or, I can just order a new set of the 3.0 version. Or, I can go with another holster maker.  :/


Here's a 4 month review video:

I  ended up ordering a new 3.0 holster base to replace this one.  I did not want to end up having to send the cracked one back to Alien Gear and not being able to carry while waiting for them to ship me new one.

I also ended up ordering two new holsters of the 3.0 variant, for my P320C and Glock 19.  Additionally, I ordered an extra shell for my 22TCM (railed) 1911.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Yet Another TP9v2 Review

You can probably tell I love Caniks. I'm trying not to spam the viewers but I think each one of these reviews are important. Mrgunsngear hit upon some key points: 1. You're not going to see inadvertent actuation of the decocker on ANY handgun, but if you do happen to see it with the v2 gun, it'll put you in DA mode. 2. He had issues with riding the slide release, which caused the gun to not lock the slide back on the last round. That's not a gun issue...that's a handling issue. 3. He's shot thousands of rounds out of all his (5) Caniks with NO failures, feed, or extraction issues. These are great guns. I think most people focus on the price and think cheaply priced guns will develop problems. Not in the case of Caniks.

The Century Arms Canik TP9V2 review is up. Only got $350 to spend on a full size gun? I'd watch this video....

Posted by Mrgunsngear on Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Negligent Attitudes and Guns

I thought I'd share something I saw today.

Today, when I was viewing YouTube videos, I saw something rather disturbing .  A guy was capturing video footage of his new guy, a Rock Island Armory 1911 10mm.  The guy cleared his weapon, but had his finger within the trigger guard and the finger looked to be bent around the trigger.  He'd removed the magazine but hadn't yet cleared out the chambered round...his finger was resting on the trigger for quite awhile.  I immediately stopped watching the was that disturbing.

EDIT:  I've having an issue attaching the video I captured, but you can see the footage @

I went to the video's comments section to see if anyone else complained to see if anyone else noticed.  Someone had and was tactful in mentioning it.  The author blew it off:

It is so sad that someone takes crucial criticism so casually.  What he said was, he has enough trigger control to not negligently discharge the gun, even with his finger resting on the trigger while fumbling around with the gun (as well, 1911 triggers are sensitive as hell)  I mean, I pointed it out with the doesn't get any more plain than that.  He was rather condescending in his reply.  This fool is either going to injure/kill himself  and we'll have to deal with the anti-2A people over it, or even worse, he's going to end up killing some innocent bystander.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Canik TP9v2 - Another Extensive Review!

More Canik TP9v2 goodness, from the VSO Gun Channel!


sootch00 just published a review of the TP9v2 as well!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Massad Ayoob’s 10 Commandments Of Concealed Carry

I saw a pretty good rundown of "laws" that people who carry should ingrain in their heads (even those who carry openly).  I'll refrain from copying/pasting the article, but it is located here:

It is a good me.  Much of it is common sense, but it is solid advice.

Monday, July 13, 2015

CAI Facebook Post on the TP9v2

Look at this!

Now shipping TP9v2's!
Posted by Century Arms on Monday, July 13, 2015

Well, they aren't telling me anything I haven't already published in recent postings of this particular gun, but the fact that they're advertising it is pretty cool (I didn't see them doing that with the other TP-9s).

Oh, and here's another video of the gun, this one by Hank Strange (and quite a bit longer than James Yeager's).

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Former CNN Anchor After Self-Defense Shooting: “If you don’t want to carry please don’t. Then, shut the f--- up about it.”

Excerpted from a recent NRA ILA newsletter:

Last week we shared the harrowing story of former CNN Headline News anchor Lynne Russell and husband Chuck de Caro, who exercised their right to armed self-defense to stop a gun-wielding robber who forced his way into their Albuquerque, N.M. motel room.  Espousing a straightforward logic that even gun control supporters should be able to grasp, Russell stated, “If you don’t want to carry please don’t. Then, shut the f--k up about it. Make your own decisions.”  Both Russell and de Caro are Right-to-Carry permit holders, and in an interview with Fox News following the shooting Russell had some choice words for anyone that would deprive them of the right to bear arms.
Espousing a straightforward logic that even gun control supporters should be able to grasp, Russell stated, “If you don’t want to carry please don’t. Then, shut the f--k up about it. Make your own decisions.”

Makes sense to me!

Read more here.

Friday, July 10, 2015

So, You Don't Like A Particular Firearms Online Reviewer?

Every once in awhile when conversing a particular gun or accessory that might be highlighted in a YouTube review or article, I get the following or sometime similar:

"James Yeager SUCKS!  Please quit sharing his content!"

Please realize that it's easier for you to filter (mentally or physically) the things you don't like about the firearms industry than for you to personally inform me of your distaste...I'm not going to cater my thoughts, forum banter, or blog content to every individual that's displeased with some online firearms entity.  Why should I care what you think about him/her?  I'm only trying to share information about a particular product and many times (especially if a product isn't popular or if it's new), there will only be one online reviewer posting about it.  When I share the data with others and they don't particularly like the reviewer, either move along or vent elsewhere...hammering me about your loyalties (or lack of) isn't going to get me to remove or alter my content.

I posted in a forum that a revised DA/SA TP-9 was just released to the public and one person asked for an information source.  There is only one source of information thus far, review-wise, and that's James Yeager.  The video isn't really a's more of a notice that a review is coming and that they've a gun on-hand to review.  Wouldn't you know...several guys got bent about the fact that it happened to be Yeager that provided video coverage of the gun.  They shared their displeasure by attempting to share out that I didn't know what I was doing and that by linking his videos, I was hurting the firearms community.

My response was that no matter who it might be, people always complain.  I'm not going to try to make everyone happy by trying to appease them when they make such trivial complaints.  If you don't like reviewer X, that's YOUR problem, not mine.  Forums have ignore features.  If you don't like what you see and I'm not violating a forum's terms of usage, then you should use the ignore feature...if you don't and you become irrate, I'll use it on you.

I never think like I know more than people who make their living selling guns or firearms training, the only exception would probably be TheYankeeMarshall...that guy is a total tool, as he give bad reviews on guns he's never touched/shot, which makes him less than credible on the whole, IMO.  And while I can't stand TYM, I never try to force my opinion of him down someone else's throat.  You might think James Yeager has no firearms knowledge, and to be honest, I don't really like the guy personally, but I do agree with a lot of the knowledge he shares about certain firearms or his logic on self defense.  That's me taking what I want from him while not caring for his personality traits.

As an individual, I'd prefer choosing on my own what knowledge is good for me and what knowledge I consider to be junk.  I don't need anyone trying to decide for me...I'm no sheep.  If I need help deciphering or deciding on a particular issue, THEN I'll ask for forum input.  Unsolicited "advice" that turns into rants?  You can keep it to yourself.  If you don't like a particular person, what's it worth to me?  Nothing...such things do not add value to discussions.  I take what I can from most online firearms personalities, even if I don't like their demeanor.  Another thing:  if someone is judging these reviewers, what's the criteria in deciding who sucks and who doesn't?  Who says I have to agree?  Does it matter if I agree when I'm trying to get a point across that doesn't relate to that particular person?  Most of those things are highly subjective...each person will look at things differently but I refuse to play the groupie and hunt down other opposing groups.  I'm an outlier...I group to no one.

When I state these thoughts, it's certainly not to be dickish.  If you share your opinions, be prepared for me to share mine, and if it doesn't agree with yours, don't get bent.  We're all sharing a passion for's stupid to let such trivial things get between us, especially when continuing to struggle in ensuring our 2A rights aren't eroding.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Canik TP9v2 Now On The Market!

I knew awhile back that Canik was supposed to be revamping the original TP9 and renaming it the TP9v2.  Well, it's out.  I discovered this while researching if the TP9SA's sights can be replaced.

It has not yet been reviewed online (not when I looked last night on YouTube), James Yeager has a quick video of it.  I thought MAC did as well, but he was actually quick-reviewing an SF model (it has no decocker).

NOTE:  I've taken some unneeded heat for using Yeager as a resource.  1) I don't care what you think 2) I'm just trying to share information on the one else had footage or spoke extensively about the gun at the time of my post.  I'm not a Yeager groupie, but if you don't like Yeager, that's your problem.  My post is about the gun, not about Yeager specifically.

I'm seeing the gun listed between $308 and $380, which was roughly what the SA model was selling for 6 or so months ago.

The gun is essentially a TP9 with the TP9SA's frame.  The gun is shorter (4.1 inches) than the TP9SA, though.  The difference between the TP9 and the new version is the trigger...both DA and SA modes are supposedly great!  Yes, there's still the decocker, only now it's used to go from SA to DA mode.  What's cool is that it's confirmed that the TP9SA and TP9v2 can share magazines...that's a huge plus.

I find myself intrigued, but I already have two Canik TP9SAs (one black and one tan).  I've already mentioned that I could sell one of them to fund another gun.  Then again, the gun is so cheaply priced, I could probably get by without selling a gun to purchase a v2.  I can also wait, as Canik is supposed to be releasing compact models too.  They also have .40Cal versions but I'm not sure if they're exporting them to the U.S.

I'll be paying attention to the upcoming reviews, especially since James Yeager thinks the v2's trigger modes are excellent.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Some 2A Food For Thought

I posted the following yesterday to my friends and family on Facebook:

Yes, folks, I carry. I'm carrying 70% of the time I'm not showering, not sleeping, or not on the work campus. Do I care that others don't know that I carry? No...that's not what the 2nd Amendment is about. The 2A doesn't say that I've the right to bear arms as long as other people know I'm carrying and that they're comfortable with it. Why do I carry? Because I choose to. Basically, I've the constitutional right to carry. There's nothing conditional about it. I do not have to let other citizens know. Yes, open carry is an option (it's legal here), but not for me...why would I let potential bad guys know that I'm their first priority?
Those that see me occasionally...I was probably carrying when you last saw me. You probably never knew. You probably felt comfortable then. Will you feel as comfortable the next time we meet, now that you know? I hope so, because I wasn't a nut then and I'm not a nut now.
Why advertise that I carry? You all already know I own guns...I've been posting pictures and articles the last 9 months. I've been a gun lover since 1986, when I enlisted. That's the total of my adult life. You're also my friends, which is why you're seeing this now. The assumption is that you already suspected that I carry, so it's not a big deal for me to keep this a secret amongst a certain group of people. Some people hide such facts. I don't.
Again, this isn't a big deal for me. YMMV.
Where's this coming from? An opinion on 2A from someone that doesn't exercise the right.

I got the reply, which I agree with:
Now more than ever, it's an option that every law abiding American should exercise.

Someone then replied to him with the following:
I know enough law abiding Americans who are generally a danger to themselves and others to appreciate that not everyone should have a gun.
What does someone say to that?  Well, the same can be said of anything. Some people have no business driving, for example, yet they're never noticed until they've been in several nasty accidents.  And, when this happens (it happens a LOT with chronic drunks driving home), is there overwhelming support to ban people from having easy access to cars?  Nope.

As with anything, some people either require more training than others or need to not do that particular activity. The slope becomes slippery when additional criteria is added to basic rights...the rights are no longer really rights. The system doesn't need to be tweaked every time someone gets emotional about an issue that, on the whole, isn't all that much of a problem.  If someone becomes problematic, deal with that particular person, not the whole group.

In VA, you're required to pass a basic firearms handling course before you can carry concealed...if people still are considered to be a danger to themselves and others even after meeting the state requirements, then what do you do? Limiting the population as a whole isn't a good answer, especially if those types of people are outliers.  Until that person accidentally kills himself or someone else, there's really nothing you can do.  Regulating a whole population because a few are inept is bad, and there's nothing that can be preemptively done that won't affect the people that are carrying properly.

So You Want National Reciprocacy...

Many people are welcoming national reciprocacy when it comes to firearms regulations.  What's my take on this?

Right now, I'm only concerned with my current state of residence (VA).  I don't travel out of state all that much and when I do, it's almost certainly NC that I visit.  VA and NC currently have reciprocacy.  This works for me.

I know that tracking reciprocacy across the nation is a big headache.  I'm sure I'd doubly think so if I had to travel through multiple states while carrying.  Is national reciprocacy the answer, though?

I don't think it is.  Why?  Because the current administration is hostile to gun ownership.  The last thing we need as collective gun owners is to give them the authority to change the current regulations...that will give them the legitimacy to do anything they want.  Currently, they do not have the authority to change 2A at the state level and if they're hostile to the idea and we give them the authority to apply reciprocay at the national level, what do you think is going to eventually happen?  No, it might not happen immediately, but it will eventually happen.  The US government almost ALWAYS takes and never gives.  Once they have the authority and are allowed to create national reciprocacy, and once they start to change things that people don't agree with, it will be too late to reverse things.

In my opinion, it's better to deal with what we currently have in place than to allow them to change things or give us what we want but include something hidden that will give us problems later.  It's in every government's nature to control as much as possible...why give them more control over something we've had difficulty in gaining in the past?

I'm no alarmist but I'm not stupid, either.  Never give up what was hard-earned.  Giving the government control over something that's a right is stupid.

UPDATE:  Here's a related link on 2A reciprocacy.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New Wishlist

I'm probably not going to get any new guns any time soon...I'm still OK with what I currently have.

I do wonder if I should try to sell a couple since I'm no longer going to California and no longer have the need to be able to bring non-attainable guns with me to that state.  I currently have two Canik TP9SAs, for example...I only really need one.  The plan was to bring two and possibly sell one of them to a CA resident since those are not on the CA DOJ roster.  As well, I've two Rock Island Armory 1911s that shoot 9mm ammo...I really only need one, although I can keep one of them to modify/paint.  I've even thought about selling my Sig Sauer SP2022 and even my P220...of the two, the P220 has more 'keep' potential, although it won't hurt to keep both of the (I've the space).

Some guns I'm thinking about buying next are:

CZ 2075 RAMI BD in 9mm

UPDATE (7/20/2014):  I'm adding the Tristar T-100 to the list.  It is a CZ75 clone and resembles a Baby Desert Eagle (itself a CZ clone).  They are 9mm DA/SA hammer-fired handguns.  There's also the Canik Shark C, which is identical to the Tristar T-100.  The two colors I'm interested in are the platinum and black, but I only want one of the two:

sootch00 has a good review of the T-100 here:

UPDATE (1/22/2016):  I changed my mind about the Bersa Thunder Pro Ultra Compact.  I have also changed my mind about the RIA rifle and the S&W E-Series 1911...I no longer want any of them.  I do want a Bersa Thunder 380 Plus (or Combat model).  A Glock 22 Gen 3 (used) is also desirable, as well as a Grand Power P1 (mk7 is preferable, to cut costs).  Oh, and a long gun is pretty much mandatory:  I'll considering either a Ruger AR-556 or a S&W M&P 15 Sport (the Ruger would be the better buy for the same amount of money, though).

To be honest, not a lot is jumping out at me and I should really start thinking about taking a few self defense courses and focus on trying to sharpen my shooting skills.